SME Marketing Specialists 2019

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SME News have announced their Winners of the 2019 Northern Enterprise Awards and we are pleased to say that Sayers Solutions have received the award for SME Marketing Specialists 2019.

The 2019 Northern Enterprise Awards celebrates the industriousness and dedication of the businesses and enterprises hailing from the north of England.

Boasting bustling ports, a vibrant culture for media and the arts and venues of incredible natural beauty, northern England has proven to be an attractive region for a variety of businesses from traditional industries to cutting-edge enterprises; and all are welcome to compete for the chance to be recognised as the best within their sector, market or industry.

Commenting on the success of this year’s winners, Edward Faulkner, Award Coordinator said: “With a dominant offering in the service sector, manufacturing and a flourishing SME and business start-up environment, businesses in the north are clearly worthy of commendation and recognition. It is with great pride that I showcase the best of the best from across the region through this awards programme. Congratulations to all of my winners, I look forward to hearing about your future success.”

SME News prides itself on the validity of its awards and winners. The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.

To learn more about our award winners and to gain insight into the working practices of the “best of the best”, please visit the SME News website ( where you can access the winners supplement.