We become the people we have coffee with

The motivational speaker at the #fsbconf was Molly Harvey and her presentation told us to be accountable, pay attention, and take small steps every day. In order to be accountable she advised us to believe in ourselves when no one else does and suggested we find a mentor who we can speak to in confidence and be accountable to.

When talking about paying attention she recommended we think about the 3 or 5 people we associate with on a day to day basis and give them a score out of 10. She said anyone scoring less than 5 are crap and we should eliminate them from our lives, advising that we become the people we have coffee with.

Molly Harvey then talked about the viruses that seep into our business; bitching, moaning and whinging and jealousy. She warned us to stop comparing ourselves to others and bring the attention back to our own businesses. She reminded us to show up as we are; that people buy you first and then your products or services, and recommended that we walk into our business and view it as a customer would.

Small steps mostly take place when no one is looking announced Molly the motivational speaker and she suggested that how you start the day is how it will progress. She asked who in the audience spends time on a Sunday evening thinking about their week ahead, she suggested it only takes 10 minutes to make the difference. However she overrode the to-do with list and placed more emphasis on a stop doing list. She told us to stop and take more thinking time, recommending us to spend more time on the business instead of in it. She also said to stop now and then and thank the people around you.

Molly then told a story about us all being born in the valley and that some of us set off to climb the mountains, however many of us when we reach the top build a house and stop there, however her story urges us to take down the house and keep on going, there is always another mountain, there is always another summit. Pay more attention to the little steps.

A lot of what she said resonated with me and hopefully will act as reminder and enable me to make improvements and continue being successful.

During her presentation Molly said that when she was younger she promised herself that she would read a book a week and has done so ever since, and during the question and answer session afterwards one of the audience members asked what type of books she read, which prompted Kirsty Wake (who was again hosting the day’s event in the main arena) to ask if anyone read poetry and urged us to read a poem a day. I tried to get into poetry a couple of years ago but it didn’t click, so perhaps a poem a day might assist this aim.

What poem would you recommend me to read? Please feel free to make recommendations in the comment box below.

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