Market Research has got a bad name?

Have Marketing and Market Research been tarnished by Sales? 

“Ask someone at random what marketing is and you’re likely to hear either a sales-based or communications description, or a satirical diatribe about it being the art of persuading people to part with their cash for products they don’t really want or need, and then come back for more of the same.” (Tomorrows World, CIM, 2011)

However, I believe it is more of the science behind the sales.  The reason for market research is to identify ways to sell but it is not a way to identify a sales opportunity.  There should be intelligence gained and many other stages involved.

During my telemarketing experience I took a job where I was told to say “the product is new and we are just gathering market research” to book appointments for the salespeople.   Little did I know that the salespeople were those that didn’t leave until a sale was made; as I had been calling the aged and infirm it is needless to say that when I found out the truth I didn’t stick around to collect my commission.

Later that year I started working as a door to door and location market researcher – the jobs we do as students!  After my previous experience I received assurance that respondents didn’t receive further contact and I believe this was true.

Even though this time I was truly only seeking opinions, respondents were often wary.  Some, even though they received plenty of reassurance and did the interviews, were convinced they would be sold to as a result of their participation.  There was a selection of people that had a personal precedent that they didn’t undertake market research … I never got a response as to why …

Marketing is about anticipating, identifying and satisfying needs profitably.  If people are open and willing to discuss their needs it makes it easier for businesses to satisfy the need profitably.

Many people do not like being sold to.  Therefore, when they believe they will be sold to, they are not interested in giving their opinions. As so many people have been sold to either directly or as a result of taking part in market research, this has now resulted in most people being very wary of participating.

Sayers Solutions runs Focus Group Sessions, however these are for the purpose of gathering information and intelligence only.  Participants may be given the opportunity to give their permission to be contacted by Sayers Solutions and third parties (including clients and parties) but this is not the purpose.

What could your business benefit from knowing about your target market?  Perhaps you have products or services you would like feedback on, or perhaps you want to know more about their habits and preferences.  Sayers Solutions can help you to design, manage and monitor your market research campaign.

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7 Comments on “Market Research has got a bad name?

  1. I’m glad you have clarified the difference between market research and sales Merewyn! Giving up 5-10 minutes for an information gathering exercise is worthwhile however it can become frustrating when the information gathering unexpectedly changes into a sales call.

  2. Your comments are so true. Research is important to any business but getting the right research that answers the right questions is where there is a need for thought. Interesting work for you though.

  3. I think that many of us have been caught out by sales people who ‘just want to ask a few questions’ and end up trying to sell to us. However, for those of us with a worthwhile product that people want us to provide them with, the information provided by market research is invaluable.

  4. All of this is so true. What is the answer? I hate having market research phone calls sprung on me when I am busy, yet I also recognise that we do need to know whether any service we offer is meeting a need, and how to do so better.

  5. I also dislike market research calls when I am busy – however, I have also found myself on the other end of the phone call and always try to keep that in mind. I also think that it’s a good idea to keep researching to ensure your product is meeting customer needs.

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