Website goes live!

So the title says it, the website has gone live!
When introducing my business to potential clients the first topic of conversation was websites.  I enquired whether they had a website and conducted any social media activities.  I seemed to gain their interest, as they took my business card but then would ask “do you have a website?”.
Even though I feel I am creative, I am neither a graphic designer nor a website expert.  I have created this website using Google Sites to demonstrate that anyone can make a website.  So there is no excuse … not even for me!
It wasn’t all plain sailing.  The Domain Registration site, 123Reg, I found vague with unhelpful instructions.  Although the site was shared with the world via Google sites, I couldn’t connect it to the domain I had bought … luckily I was able to turn to my better informed computer contacts, who eventually helped me overcome this blip.
Unfortunately although the site is live and accessible through my domain I still have a long way to travel.
Next lessons / mountains / blips – Search engine optimization, write content, spend Google Adwords voucher, set up Google Analytics, write content, drive traffic to the site, find a website developer, write and organize content and so on …

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