Ideal Customer

Ideal Customer Analysis

An easy way to begin is to describe your ideal customers – not each individual one but perhaps 4 ideal ones to start with.

Give each of them a name.  Describe their situation, what is their problem, how old are they, what is their family structure, do they work, what do they do for enjoyment, how do they travel, what are their favourite brands.

This is still relevant if you are B2B (Business to Business) with your customers base being businesses (as opposed to Consumers – B2C). 

People buy from people, so think about the different roles of the people you will be speaking to and what characteristics they have.

There are tools such as Pinterest which can help you create a mood board if you are more visual.

Who are your ideal customers?

Ideal 1      

Ideal 2  

Ideal 3      

Ideal 4  

To enable you to sell to your customer, you need to know your customer and tailor your product, price, place, and promotion around them.

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