Extra Models

Extra Models

Here are some extra models which you could use to further your understanding of your market.  Porters 5 forces, product / market growth, Ansoff matrix and organisational culture.

First time round, Sayers Solutions suggests focusing on the former models outlines, to create a solid foundation. However, as with all tools, if you gel with it, use it. 

But, that doesn’t mean the same when the opposite happens.  You can’t drop tools if they are not working or you – well not immediately … Sayers Solutions often finds clients have dramatically different results if the phrasing of the terminology is tweaked and made more relevant to the organisation.

We have not attempted to create an extensive list of templates, there are hundreds of business tools available.  These are just a selection to cover the initial basis of a strategic review.


Porters 5 forces

This model assesses the competitive strengths and position of an organisation.

Summer School - Porters 5 Forces


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Product / Market Growth

Also known as the Ansoff Matrix, this model suggests that an organisation’s attempt to grow its business depends upon whether it markets new or existing products, in new or existing markets.  This produces four types of growth – market penetration, market development, product development, diversification


Summer School - Product Market Growth

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Organisational Culture

This diagram enables you to identify the components of the culture of an organisation.

Routine – way in which employees behave towards each other.

Rituals – special events through which the organisation emphasises what is important.

Stories – told by members of the organisation.

Symbols – Logos, office, cars, titles, type of language, terminology.

Power Structures – Most powerful individuals or groups in the organisation which may be based on management position.

Control Systems– measurement and reward systems, that emphasise what is important to monitor and to focus attention and activity on.