Small Business Appraisal

Sayers Solutions Small Business Appraisals aim to give the small business owner (or marketing assistant), the opportunity to reflect on their past activity, in order to constructively move their business forward and build effective plans for the next year and further into the future.

Measurement is the 4th part of our 4 Part Plan and is often overlooked, or left to do in the future. But if we don’t measure what we do, how will we know if we have been effective.

Your accountant can help you create profit and loss, cashflow budgets and other financial statements. Google Analytics and Social Medias can provide more insights than you’ve got time to look at them, and there are various other metrics that you can measure your performance. But don’t let figures flatter you, is it really getting you to where you want to be?

Read our blog which suggests another way to measure what you do.