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Many businesses find themselves quiet in December, people are slowing down waiting for the Christmas break, while others might be diverting their attentions to their self assessment … so it is a great time to have a catch up with

To welcome in the Christmas season, Sayers Solutions has decided to have a bit of #ChristmasFun. Each evening at 8pm we will post a line from a Christmas song on Twitter and also on our Facebook Page and we’d love

Sayers Solutions has found in conversations with small businesses, that if most don’t set goals or objectives, then none measure their activity. They instead, are too busy doing the next task or implementing the next tactic. Peter Drucker, the man

I am delighted to announce that my recent nomination for FSB Area Leader – West Yorkshire office has been successfully verified and I have been elected unopposed in the Yorkshire, The Humber and North East England.   My term of

SME News Magazine have announced the winners of the 2018 Yorkshire and the Humber Enterprise Awards and Sayers Solutions are proud to have been awarded – Best SME Marketing & Business Support Company West Yorkshire This year, the Yorkshire and

Mailchimp is used for email marketing campaigns and I recommend it primarily because of the reports detailing who has opened, clicked, bounced and unsubscribed from their emails, amongst much more. Templates can be created and saved so all future emails

Excitingly Sayers Solutions has recently collaborated with Effective Internet in order to extend the services that we provide you. Sayers Solutions provides marketing support to small businesses, via coaching, training and consultation, and for some customers, we can become your

(This is the last part of our Create your Plan blog series, to read the first one please click here) Being a fan of a Johari windows, I see the benefit of looking at working in sections of 4; looking at

(This is part of our Create your Plan blog series, to read the first one please click here) In this blog series Sayers Solutions provides you the basis for your marketing plan. Guess what? Now you must repeat the whole process,

(This is part of Create your Plan blog series, to read the first one please click here) What is the point of a plan? To achieve goals and realise a vision. The goals, objectives and vision you created at the beginning of the