Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership Provides Green Economy Support for Local Business

With the recent occurrence of the COP26 event and the push from government for individuals and businesses to become greener, the LEP is organising a “green business event” to highlight the range of business support programmes that can help businesses become greener.

Often these programmes can help businesses save money!

Organised by James Was SME Growth Manager for Kirklees Council, Rachael Thurlbeck and Gill Watson the event is free to attend and brings together a range of support which has a “green” business theme.

Why not join them at John Smiths’ Stadium, Huddersfield on Wednesday 16th February 2022 to find out more and to network with other like-minded business leaders that are facing similar challenges and opportunities.

Through the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Business Support Services, small and medium sized businesses in Kirklees can access a range of free support to adopt cleaner, greener strategies to save money, gain a competitive advantage and become more resilient to economic, social and environmental changes.

Please feel free to share with any businesses you think would also benefit from attending.