Access Denied!

Access Denied!

Here at Sayers Solutions we just love helping our clients out of tricky situations.

So it was lovely to spend this morning with a new client, who before Christmas lost access to their Facebook. All of their customers, and the many thousands of other followers that they have built up over the past 6 or 7 years gone.

All communications with their customers until then had been done via Facebook, complemented by a little bit on Instagram and their website.

And they had 2 sell out events they needed to communicate out to people!

In our session we discussed where and how she they could look after and maintain the contact data, along with other ways to stay in touch with people – including email marketing.

What would it mean to your business if you lost access to your Facebook, Linkedin or other communication tools?

Do you keep all your contact data in Linkedin or Facebook?

If these channels were hacked, could you lose your followers overnight?

What preventative measures do you have in place?

Do you have other people on your accounts as Admin as backup?

Do you export your data and keep it somewhere else securely?

Are you in control of your customer and lead details or is social media in control of you?

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