Small firms back step away from single-use plastics with right support

Responding to the launch of a new government consultation regarding single-use plastics, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) National Chair Mike Cherry said:  

“Small businesses are right behind the Government’s efforts to stamp out use of harmful single use plastics. The majority are proactively upping their recycling efforts, and a big share are assessing alternatives to plastic wherever possible. Among smaller retailers, close to half are already exclusively using packaging that’s recyclable, reusable or compostable.

“We look forward to exploring the most effective incentives for spurring change with policymakers – driving investment in innovation where replacement materials are concerned, recycling infrastructure, and awareness-raising.   

“The Government has already taken a positive step in exempting green investments from business rates valuations. We now need to look at positive nudges elsewhere.

“We’re encouraging the Government to follow the Help to Grow model with a Help to Green initiative. Doing so would empower small employers and sole traders to make the changes necessary to reach net zero at a time when cash is still tight and supply chain disruption, labour shortages and a forthcoming tax jobs tax hike are all weighing on small business confidence.”