Post 2020 BNI

Before 2020, BNI chapters only met in person, but the pandemic forced BNI to create an online model so their members could still meet weekly.

While those Zoom meetings provided 80% of the BNI experience, BNI know the other 20% is where the magic happened through the personal connection that’s impossible to recreate online. However, they’ve also found that many people prefer the convenience of the online meeting model.

So, BNI now has three chapter models:

1. In-person: The traditional, tried and tested model where members meet face-to-face each week.

2. Online: The Zoom-based model they created and perfected during the Covid pandemic.

3. Hybrid: Their brand-new model offers the best of both worlds, with the first meeting of the month in person and the other meetings online.

If online meetings seemed too impersonal and you felt you would struggle to commit the time for in-person meetings, then the hybrid may strike the right balance.

BNI would love to welcome you as a visitor at one of the chapters to grow your business by building a robust network of referral partners, so please contact me directly to chat about the most appropriate model.

Sayers Solutions is a member of BNI Terriers and has the Marketing seat. During the summer we returned to weekly physical meetings on a Wednesday morning at the 315 in Lepton – and I can’t tell you HOW GOOD it is to be back in the room!!!

If you would like to find out more about BNI and/or you might like to visit, then please get in touch or complete our contact form by clicking on the button below