Misconception about Marketing

Misconception about Marketing

I believe there is a big misconception about marketing, and this became clear when I graduated from Uni and found a huge disparity between what I had been taught and the understanding in the business community.

This should not really have been a surprise, as before I retuned to studies, I had always aligned Marketing with Sales roles … and why I had always avoided them – It is clear that I am not a salesperson.

Whilst working in my 20’s I had been searching for a magical position that was back-end-of-the-business but focused on the customer.  Honestly, the revelation when I heard my lecturer introduce the Marketing Module during the first week of Uni.

I have now learnt when talking to businesses to clarify whether they mean marketing or marketing communications – ie advertising, social media, email marketing etc.  As Marketing is much more than (marketing communications) tactics.

Marketing is the entirety of the business from conception to grave.

Marketing communications might support the sales function, but Marketing determines why the business exists and who the customer is.

Sayers Solutions helps you understand their business, make improvements to processes and grow – if that is what you want to do (because that is not the be all and end all of running a business).

Merewyn Sayers from Sayers Solutions

Sayers Solutions identifies and empowers customers to undertake activities and connect them with Sayers Solutions partners.

Sayers Solutions loves chatting with small business owners, finding out what makes them tick and what makes them different. This is one of the reasons why we offer Sayers Solutions Suggestion Sessions.

Suggestion Sessions are free 20 minute consultations. They allow us both to see whether we would be able to work together. So you can test and rate the suggestions provided by Sayers Solutions. A try before you by situation.

We would love introductions to any local business who would like to discuss marketing and strategy.

Although the adoption of video technology has made location less important. However there is nothing like meeting face to face. Getting to know the people, place and other physical evidence behind the business, amongst much more.

Is that you? or do you know someone that would like a no obligation chat about their business and receive suggestions and recommendations from Sayers Solutions?

The easiest way to do this would be to book a session here – https://calendly.com/merewyn-sayers/sayers-solutions-suggestion-session