FSB National Chairman’s Parliamentary Reception at the House of Commons

Merewyn Sayers of Sayers Solutions recently had the pleasure of attending the FSB National Chairman’s Parliamentary Reception at the House of Commons, representing Yorkshire, Humber and Northeast Region, as the Region’s policy rep was not able to attend.

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit the House of Commons, you will know it feels very overwhelming when you first step inside, after all this is where all the key decision makers for our country hang out. We are also reminded of the many different decisions and important conversations and debates, which have taken place that affect our country, both in the past and for our future.

The inside of the building was pretty impressive, steeped in history and splendour. Of course, there was the obligatory scaffolding for repairs and maintenance, which must be a never-ending job, in such old and important building. And even though it was after 7.00pm when we arrived, people were still scurrying about their business passing through the central lobby where we stood – its floor covered in a large, patterned star made from tiles and surrounded by historical statues which makes you wonder about all the other people who have also walked through these corridors over the centuries

It was the first parliamentary reception the FSB have been able to hold since the country was first affected by Covid. Our visit coincided with the Chancellors budget and spending review delivery earlier in the day and with this safely delivered we were able to have the opportunity to meet MP’s and Peers on the House of Commons Terrace Pavilion where we aired our views on the budget and its effects on the economy, before being addressed by Mike Cherry, FSB National Chairman, Saqib Bhatti Chair of the All-Party Group for Small and Micro Business and Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves.

Overall, a very pleasant time was had, and it was an honour to have been invited and to be able to attend on behalf of the region. It was also a great reminder of the benefits of volunteering for such a fantastic organisation who do so much good for small businesses.

Of course, it’s impossible to travel all of the way to London without taking the opportunity to do a little sightseeing with the family, especially as it was half term and Merewyn even got to meet up with her Dad who lives on the south coast.