Digital Knowledge Exchange Mentoring Day

Last week I had the opportunity to mentor at the Digital Knowledge Exchange Mentoring Day.

This was such a great experience! 

I had 3 appointments with 3 completely different businesses – and I am going to a share a secret, I got a little nervous beforehand, wondering whether I was going to be able to help.

I really enjoyed talking to each of them; finding out about their business, how they approached their marketing and what they wanted help with.

They all said how helpful and useful the sessions were and 2 of them said that they would certainly like to work with me in the future, and the third has since signed up to a mailing list of Sayers Solutions.

The Digital Knowledge exchange is an amazing programme available in the Leeds City Region.  I have accessed support for my own businesses in the past, so I knew the high standards I had to follow.

Plus, it was an honour to be side by side to other experts in my industry who I admire – one of whom has hero status in my eyes – so this was a huge honour!

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