Friend of CHaT Parks

I am known for wearing several hats, but one I don’t often get round to talking about, is being a founding member and trustee of The Friends of CHaT Parks.

The Friends of CHaT Parks - featuring Ian, Chris and Merewyn

Most people won’t know what or where CHaT Parks are …

It is the Park in the city centre of Wakefield, which is actually made up of 3 parks – Clarence, Holmfield and Thornes Park.

Obviously because of Covid and the risk to our volunteers, our fundraising and work in the parks has been dramatically affected! Including having to cancel our very popular and successful car boot sales!

We are currently taking payment for the use of the tennis courts using voluntary contactless contributions, but as you might fear, not everyone pays.

How could you help?

The easiest way you can help us, is to ensure that the parks are used and looked after. Most of all please make sure you take your rubbish home!!!

Please share your photos of the parks and you enjoying them on social media, tagging the Friends of CHaT Parks and encourage others to use the parks.

You could also become a Friend or make a donation through our website –

Alternatively if you have other suggestions of how you could help I would love to pass this on to the committee.

If you know the parks, which is your favourite spot?

I love the secret garden, maybe because I feel like I discovered it and instigated the work there … and the result of the volunteers hard work has transformed the area!

Clarence Bandstand is great for concerts, especially the Music Collective’s annual free music festival and Cannonball Hill would be great for doing hill climbs and exerting yourself …. if you were into that sort of stuff.

There are 3 football pitches, pitch and putt, a putting green, bowling greens, tennis courts (as mentioned above) and an amazing state of art (or it was) skate park.

Whether you want history or horticulture, a mindful walk or just a lovely family day out, Clarence, Holmfield and Thornes Parks will have just what you are looking for. Find out more here –

Do you volunteer and contribute to your local community?

I often get asked why I get involved with these things, especially when I won’t get paid.

Mostly because I enjoy it and it gives me experience in areas I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. But I guess it is about the feeling of being involved and the more wholesome reward from the work I do that money can never give.

But don’t get me wrong, I would love to do this AND get paid too!

Want to find out more about what Sayers Solutions does and compare notes? Then please get in touch.

Enjoy using the Parks!