One of the things that Sayers Solutions has implemented during lockdown is the use of Calendly. 

Calendly was experimented with a year or so back, but there wasn’t much traction.  However since attending online networking events and using the chat function in place of exchanging business cards, it has been an invaluable tool for arranging follow up sessions – no more email tennis toing and froing trying to find a suitable date or time. 

It has been so useful that it has now been adopted for booking other Sayers Solution Sessions.

Suggestion Sessions

Sayers Solutions has started offering Suggestion Sessions.  In effect this is a free consultation, giving an opportunity to see if there is a fit between both parties and for potential customers to receive insight to the advice and suggestions available from Sayers Solutions. 

Whilst there is no cost, a commitment to donate to a charity of your choosing is being asked.

If you or anyone you know might benefit from one of these sessions, these are now available to book through Calendly.

Coaching and Consultation Sessions

Similarly, Sayer Solutions standard coaching and consultation sessions can also be booked via Calendly.  These of course, can still be arranged the ‘old fashioned way’ by telephone and email.   However, booking via Calendly provides the facility for these sessions to be paid for upfront, without having to wait for an invoice.

Networking follow up and general catch up

As always it would be great to hear from you and find out what you are up to.  If you would like to arrange a convenient time to do so, please feel free to do so via Calendly, selecting the Networking Follow up and general catch up session.

Do you use a similar tool?

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