Do you attend networking events? 

As a small business, networking not only gives you the opportunity to introduce your business to others, but more importantly it helps you to build trusted long term business relationships. 

Sayers Solutions has met business owners who don’t attend networking events for multiple reasons; some have not had or heard of fantastic experiences, some don’t believe their customers are there and others are too busy with their day to day running of their business.

However there are a range of different types of networking events; different formats, pricing structure and attendees, some require commitment others don’t. 

Also one of the other misunderstandings is that it is all about sales.  As Seth Godin likens Permission Marketing to dating, you don’t expect a marriage proposal on the first date.


Business Networking doesn’t even have to be contained at official events, business networking happens naturally at clubs, groups and other gathering of people who have natural connections.  Relationships and trust are built between members, which can lead to a very strong business network.

Personal Connections Network are one the valuable advantages that small businesses have over large corporations.

Sayers Solutions is very familiar to networking events in the area and see the value from a learning perspective, as well as connections and relationship building.

We also run and help out with networking events and always looking to invite people along. Events are always better with familiar faces.

Complete your details here and I’ll invite you along and tell you about upcoming events.