So, did you do it?

(This is part of Create your Plan blog series, to read the first one please click here)

What is the point of a plan? To achieve goals and realise a vision.

The goals, objectives and vision you created at the beginning of the plan will help you to measure how successful you have been.

This is in turn will help you to make changes to your goals and objectives to further achieve your vision …. Or a new one that you have created.

How are you going to measure your success?

Something I didn’t cover when mentioning objectives, is that need to be SMART. Heard of them?  Many have.

I tweaked the A but let me explain more.  Objectives should be –

S              Specific

M            Measurable

A             Now I was always told actionable, however R kinda covers that, so I say Aspirational

R             Realistic

T              Timebound

By each of your objectives, that you have noted from the earlier sections of this series, you should now attempt to clarify and make your objectives SMART to enable you to measure your success.

So, what is it that you actually want to achieve, how much, think big, but possible, within a certain time?

Revisit your objectives and answer that.  If you can’t answer these SMART questions, then maybe the objectives are actually tactics helping you to achieve your objectives.

Revisit your notes and think whether they are goals, objectives or tactics. And create part 3 of your plan.

Extra Measurement

A reflective learning tool I learnt at University, looked at 4 questions –

  • What did you do?
  • How did you do it?
  • How did you feel about it?
  • What different would you do next time?


It is also useful to ask your self

  • Were you successful in achieving your goals?
  • What is your new goal or objective?


Take time to think about this and then check back in a couple of days to read my next blog.

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