On the second day of conference …..

On the second day of conference my Chairman said to me … ouch me feet are hurting, but what a fantastic informative time.  Actually I think that was more me saying that than him!

Today the main arena was open and was hosted by Kirsty Wark (off of Newsnight).  Starting the day off was the charismatic and inspirational Fraser Doherty, talking about his experience making Super Jam.  Unfortunately we didn’t actually make it in time to listen to him, but I have listened to him at a previous Kirklees Conference and remember being very excited and enthused afterwards.  My colleagues though all said what a brilliant faultless and confident presentation he gave.

Our first experience of the main arena was Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister of Scotland (admittedly we arrived a little late as we had been listening about the new to be launched app Handle, which manages your data). She spoke confidentially and passionately about Scotland and the benefits they are working on for small businesses.  There was also a question and answer session from the audience following her presentation.  Then there was a panel discussion and question and answer session on Auto Enrolement which was enlightening and informative.

Afterwards we listened to John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer who spoke passionately and positively of the work the fsb do and the impression we make on policy decisions.  He said “If you are not a member of the fsb, join and have a voice in Government”.  He also affirmed that “Small Businesses are the engines of growth and innovation”.

Following this we all made our way to lunch and networked with other fsb members, staff and exhibitors.   In the afternoon my Chairman and I dedicated our time to explore the stands and see who was exhibiting.  These included fsb Energy, fsb, Mobile Card Payment Terminals, fsb Care, fsb Insurance, fsb Fuel Card, fsb Communications … I think you get the message, all the benefits you receive as an fsb member there was an exhibitor there to discuss and exchange details with.  Many had goodies to lure you in including chocolate bars, biscuits, a wheel of fortune, pads, pens, teddy’s, prize draws … but the best of all has to be Legal and General.  Not only are they sponsoring the lunches, they have also provided a juice and smoothy bar serving delicious and refreshing fruity drinks …. Although I would definitely say they were missing rum!  But did they leave it there? No they also had an artist drawing caricatures, with an extremely long queue behind him! Finally my Chairman and I got ours, but that absorbed most of our afternoon!

However we were then able to then make a swift march over to the main area and listen to the wonderful work that the fsb Connect team have been doing and the inroads into targeting the younger end of entrepreneurial businesses.

Such a busy day, honestly I don’t feel like I have stopped and I haven’t even attended half of the sessions.  There were a few seminars I really wanted to attend but you just can’t do everything.

So I have had an hour’s relax time in the hotel room (writing this blog) and now I have to dash round getting ready for the Ceilidh … ow and dinner of course!

Hope you have enjoyed ready and are looking forward to tomorrow’s addition!