Networking is a slow burner

Reaping the rewards of networking is a slow burner; well I find that’s the case anyway.

Networking is not about instant gratification and ability to sell sell sell, although I do know people that have been lucky like that and I too have had many occasions where I have done business on first meeting, however networking is about more than that.

Networking is about building a relationship with others, it’s about building an understanding of what each other does, finding out how they do it and gaining evidence and confidence that the person is who they say they are and can deliver what they say they can.

It is also about the right opportunity.  For those that are fortunate enough to need a website and have the money to pay for it, or seeking legal or financial advice for example, networking is a great places to go – what is a networking event without those types of types of businesses – however knowing the right people to refer those businesses to can be all about the timing.

There are many people that I am still at the beginning of a working relationship with, that I met many years ago at the beginning of my self-employment and others that I have referred and recommended to many people but (as far as I am aware) up until now no business has been transacted, however all of a sudden the right client or the right project appears out of nowhere for them.

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