Creating and Managing the Pull Factor

Previously Salespeople would approach Companies and provide all required information to prospects in order for them to make buying decisions, however in today’s information driven world people are more likely to research and find information before there is any contact from the company.

This means there needs to be useful content out there for prospects to interact with and act as a stepping stone towards your organisation. 

This can be done in the form of Blogs, Website Content, Social Media and Press Coverage.  A variety of topics should be written about and published or issued to the relevant publications in the form of a Press Release.  It is recommended that a list of benefits and interesting points about your business, products and services should be created and used for communicating.

Press Releases need to be news-worthy, interesting and relevant to the reader, as well as written in the style of the publication. Press Releases also need to be sent to the relevant contacts at the publications, and so a database of contacts also needs to be collated.

Social Media should not be used as a Direct Selling Tool but instead to build and support a relationship and used to point users to your website or provide other call to actions; this can be done by talking around the subject.  A schedule of posts should be composed in advance and posted to engage with followers.

Linkedin should not be over looked, “Two new people join LinkedIn every second, making it the fastest growing social media platform for entrepreneurs and business professionals”.  It is not just an Online CV service any more.  It also provides a useful place to network and market businesses.  The Groups section enables you to contribute and even start discussions, as well as providing direct access to those who are not already 1st Connections.  The Company section is another place where potentials are able to research your organisation and build a relationship with you.  Having Recommendations on your profile is strongly advised as this is another great way of creating useful content for potential customers to use when researching you and your services.

One of the amazing attributes of Twitter is the search facility.  It would be beneficial to explore the keywords that people will be using in their posts which relate to your organisation and create searches so that those users are interacted and engaged with.  There are many useful tools available which can help manage searches and schedule tweets.

Relevant or interesting posts by others should be retweeted, liked or favourited, as well as articles and infographics shared.

By creating and sharing good content your potential customers will be able to find and build a relationship with you, without you even knowing it.

Beats Cold Calling any day!

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