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Welcome to Sayers Solutions Marketing Back to Basics

Sayers Solutions created our Back to Basics programme to help you work on your business, instead of just in it.

Did you get a chance to invest time working on your business so far this year?

Start 2023 with a boost!

Our Back to Basics programme has been created to guide you through the process of outlining and exploring your organisation, highlighting elements that you might want to focus on when conducting a strategic review.

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Generally, small business owners know it in their head, heart, and judge by their gut. 

Documenting this knowledge is the fundamental part of building a strategy.

Sayers Solutions Back to Marketing Basics covers a range of business terms and models which we use when conducting strategic reviews with our clients. 

We are sharing them with you, so you too can use them on your own, reviewing your organisation and the environment in which it sits. However we are always on hand to assist you further.

Our Back to Basics programme includes Workshops, Printables, Whatsapp Group, and email updates, with extras of coaching and consultation sessions and campaign delivery.

Each week in our workshop sessions we will look a different topic from the programme.

You can book on to the Sessions on Eventbrite –

This is time for you to check out of your business and invest some time thinking about it.

Join a collection of likeminded business owners working through the Sayers Solutions situational analysis.

Learn from each other and help provide feedback and further insight – we are all experts in our business, as well as being being individual buyers.

Sessions are planned to be held on Thursdays at 2.30pm via Zoom. Book on Eventbrite or directly with Sayers Solutions.


Sign up to the Marketing Back to Basics programme and you will have access to a full suite of templates of the models, print and make notes on, helping you to better understand your situation and repeat the process.

Also available to be used on Remarkables and other tablets or other similar devices.

Not one-off tools!

These simple tools will help you to make changes and maintain your plan, while you carry out the tactics which complement YOUR organisation effectively, helping you meet your desired objectives. Time after time.

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To discuss the topics covered in our programme, find out about Sayers Solutions 4 Part Plan, and the many other ways that we can assist you, please get in touch.

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