4 Part Plan 6-week course

This 6-week course consist of group sessions with like minded businesses, who have preferably already attended Sayers Solutions 4 Part Plan webinar (which provides an outline of the plan).

Merewyn Sayers from Sayers Solutions

In these weekly sessions Sayers Solutions will provide a more in-depth overview of the activities, models and areas of interest that could be considered in each section of the 4 Part Plan – 1 Part at a time.

But it is a 6-week course I hear you say – the intention of the first week is to get to know each other, building a level of trust and understanding between attendees. Enabling you to become comfortable about sharing potentially commercially sensitive information amongst your peers. The last sessions provides a bit of an overview, discuss what has been produced and time for reflection, before you start the process all over again ….

The sessions are a combination of presentations from Sayers Solutions on the theory, alongside discussions with plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions – of me and other attendees – helping you to apply the principles to your business.

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