4 Part Plan Full day course

4 Part Plan Full day course

Sayers Solutions 4 Part Plan will enable you to work on your business, create focus and a document your marketing plan.

Sayers Solutions will guide you through the 4 main elements of the marketing plan, which will organise your marketing and other business activities to meet organisational needs. 

Not just because you think you should be doing it.

Understanding why and who your business is, will naturally produce content needed for your Marketing Communications, which is meaningful to your audience.

This opportunity is available to a small business owners or marketing managers, that want to develop their marketing plan and grow their productivity.

You will get maximum value when you attend the full day of workshops, providing you a full perspective of the programme. 

However, you can of course, book on to sessions for the particular Part of the Plan that you would like to focus on, whether for the first time or as a refresher.

You will be given the opportunity to apply the tools and exercises taught to your own situation, so it would be good to attend using the devices that you are used to using; however, pencil case and notepaper is irreplaceable. 

You can book 121 sessions and join peer support sessions to deepen your personal understanding and application, working on your business.