Sayers Solutions Co-Working

While working from home or otherwise remotely, it is still nice to feel companionship and share experiences.

Sayers Solutions is offering you the online workplace.

Access the Zoom call and work alongside other people.

Mute your camera when not talking. Request breakout room if you want to have conversations with others, and take part in other sessions available.

We have been running (net)working lunches over the past quarter and it has been nice catching up with familiar faces along with others we have not seen for a while. The numbers joining varies but has been comfortable with 4-6 attending, however occasionally it has just been 2 of us chatting and getting to know each other, or working alongside. Not everyone stays for the full the whole session, with people coming and going as fits their work schedule.

When do you think co-working would work for you best? Do you want an early morning boost, a late morning chat, an afternoon pick me up …I don’t think we’re willing to stretch to all nighters. But some evening sessions might be possible if there is demand.

During May we are planning to extend our lunch sessions during the working week, and want to hear from you, when these sessions might suit you best.

Let us know if you are interested in joining our Co-Working sessions here –

We are also looking forward to Co-Hosts to help us manage the Zoom rooms, allowing us to continue with other meetings and balance our own work load as well.

Book your place here –

Pay as you feel for the first month and all we expect is feedback

We are pitching it at £25 per week

Share this QR code to your colleagues and friends to help them discover Sayers Solutions Co-Working