Make your business Viewable

Trojan EmpireWorking in collaboration with Trojan Empire.

We want to talk to you if you –

  • Own a Business

  • Have been established for 4 years

  • Are VAT Registered


The offer includes

Trojan Empiree Viewable Media

  • A 43 inch Commercial Computerised LG advertising screen
  • A 15 second professional business advert
  • Ability to upload 10 of your own 15 second adverts for Promotional purposes.
  • Ability to play different Viral Videos
  • We will generate your business 6,000 views each week for 36 months
  • Have your business advert promoted on 3 screens in other businesses also.

All of this at a cost of: ZERO OUT OF POCKET

If you are interested please complete your details here asap as its a LIMITED DEAL.

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