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Reaping the rewards of networking is a slow burner; well I find that’s the case anyway. Networking is not about instant gratification and ability to sell sell sell, although I do know people that have been lucky like that and

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(Missed the previous posts? click part 1 or part 2 to read them) The third networking event I attended this week – well actually I helped to organise it too – was the Kirklees fsb branch’s networking event on Tuesday

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(missed part 1? read it here) The following morning my alarm started singing at 5.30am, I closed my eyes for another minute or so to wake up slowly and when I opened my eyes again it was 6am and I

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This week I have attended 3 networking events, each of them completely different, and so I thought I would write a collection of blogs to let you know about them. I have been attending networking events since before I set

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Only in recent decades has the area of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial marketing been researched.  Before then, Entrepreneurial Marketing was not considered to be any different from text book marketing.  It was widely assumed, in academia, that SMEs just required a

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