Intro to

These sessions started as ‘Intro to Social Media’ however after a few sessions with different clients, they quickly developed into session for other platforms and tools that help you to run your business.

Learn how to Social Media / Email Market / CRM your Business with Sayers Solutions in 1-2-1 sessions at your own pace.

Social Media Introductory Sessions

These Introductory Sessions are just £50!!   or 4 sessions for £180

Call 07790705223 now to book yours now!

The sessions are designed to introduce you to some of the platforms and assess their potential for your business.

You will set your own goals, which we will work towards, and you will go away with a better understanding of these ‘new’ and current communication method.

If you are interested in Sayers Solutions Intro to Social Media sessions please contact so that we can arrange one around your availability.

Perhaps you would prefer a 12-1 session.  Check out our packages.

Do you know a business that could benefiting from exploring the digital world?  Then ask them to contact me.