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Christmas Fun

To welcome in the Christmas season, Sayers Solutions has decided to have a bit of #ChristmasFun. Each evening at 8pm we will post a line from a Christmas song on Twitter and also on our Facebook Page and we’d love

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

Sayers Solutions has found in conversations with small businesses, that if most don’t set goals or objectives, then none measure their activity. They instead, are too busy doing the next task or implementing the next tactic. Peter Drucker, the man

Sayers Solutions recommends Mailchimp small businesses

Mailchimp is used for email marketing campaigns and I recommend it primarily because of the reports detailing who has opened, clicked, bounced and unsubscribed from their emails, amongst much more. Templates can be created and saved so all future emails

Effective Internet Collaboration

Excitingly Sayers Solutions has recently collaborated with Effective Internet in order to extend the services that we provide you. Sayers Solutions provides marketing support to small businesses, via coaching, training and consultation, and for some customers, we can become your

#GDPR Chapter 2 – Mailchimp lists and ability to unsubscribe and update/add preferences

Sayers Solutions sends out my email marketing messages via Mailchimp. In this article I will talk about mailing lists, displaying the reason why on the list, the ability to unsubscribe and update preferences. This enables businesses to demonstrate transparent and

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Sayers Solutions receives a Leeds Hug

Last week I had some long overdue indulgence for Sayers Solutions and attended the Leeds Hug. Being as busy as I am helping my clients to market their businesses, consulting and managing projects, it’s easy to let my own focus

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What’s your Linkedin Connections Policy?

Connections Count, but do you have a rule for who and how to connect with people on Linkedin? If I look at my Linkedin connections requests now, I have 21 invitations to connect and this is after today adding the

Online Marketing

One of the biggest reasons for bad websites is the poor conceptualization of what the Web can and cannot do.  Online marketing strategy is more than just transferring traditional marketing material to the internet.  Messages should be formed according to

Driving Traffic to your website

Yesterday was the second of Sayers Solutions’ small business marketing peer support sessions and whilst it was a very small group, we had a good chat about driving traffic to our websites. As I had time after the session I

Get a Handle on your data

The first seminar my Chairman and I attended at the #fsbconf today was from Handle; Why everything you do could damage your business.  He talked about the digital footprint and the amount of data which is publicly visible to those

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